Are Ninja Being Added To Raid Shadow Legends

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The famous ninja streamer is in another video game and will soon be a playable character in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Ninja has partnered with Plarium Global Studios to be one of the new heroes of the fantasy and turn-based fantasy game Raid: Shadow Legends. Ninja will be added to the title for free in four days and will be available to everyone for three months. It should be noted that the ninja character can be used in single player, dungeons, arenas, factional wars, second towers and other modes. The ninja told his fans in this regard:

I’m really happy to introduce my hero to Raid fans. This character is designed in a way that I always imagined myself in role-playing games. As my fans know, I love the role-playing genre and it is fascinating to be able to see myself as a fantasy character with my own skills and characteristics!

Noam Sagie, vice president of marketing at Plarium Global Studios, also announced the partnership.

The addition of Ninja to our team of champions has been amazing, but not just because of its positive impact on the gaming industry. He has his own set of unique skills and attacks that can be valuable to any player.

Raid Shadow Legends can be considered not only one of the best mobile role-playing games, but also one of the best games in the history of the mobile platform. The unparalleled volume of content intended for the online and offline sections, along with the excellent visual quality of the game and maintaining the expected standards of the role-playing style, makes it a great choice for you.

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