Has PlayStation Stopped Activities In Russia?

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Comprehensive pressure on Russia is increasing. Has PlayStation Stopped Activities In Russia?

Has PlayStation Stopped Activities In Russia?

With the increase in sanctions against Russia, Sony and the PlayStation have joined other companies in the video game industry and have ceased their activities in this country.

Sony has announced in a statement that it is joining the international community calling for peace in Ukraine. Last week, players learned that the exclusive Gran Turismo 7 game had been removed from the PlayStation Store in Russia. Sony has confirmed the removal of the game and has no plans to release it in Russia at this time. The company has stopped all operations in Russia, including support for the PlayStation Store and the supply of all hardware and software.

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Of course, residents of this country who have already bought a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 can still use their console online. However, sanctions by the largest company in the video game industry will be costly for players in Russia. Sony is also providing $ 2 million in assistance to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Save the Children.

Last week, AMD and Intel also stopped selling their products to Russia, and Disney and Warner Media stopped showing their films in that country . Other companies, including Microsoft, Nintendo and Activision Blizzard, should be added to the list. Many studios such as Project Red CD, Digital Extremes, Bungee, 11 Bit and Hinterland Games also support Ukraine and intend to provide financial assistance to the country.

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