How Far Is Script Of Dune Part 2?

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Director Danny Villeneuve confirmed the film. How Far Is Script Of Dune Part 2? The script for the second part of Dune is complete.

How Far Is Script Of Dune Part 2?

Danny Villeneuve has confirmed that the script for the second installment of Dune is almost complete and that they are preparing for the pre-production process. Following the success of the first film, the production of the second part of Dune was also confirmed and is scheduled to be released in cinemas in October next year.

Villeneuve told Collider :

The script of a large part of the film is finished, but it is always in progress. Work is underway until the final cut, but now I can say that the script has been formed.

Dune, or Dune: Part 1, won many awards at the BAFTA , including Best Music, Cinematography, Production Design, and Sound, and ten Academy Awards, including Best Soundtrack, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Visual Effects. Has been nominated. Of course, Villeneuve has not been nominated for Best Director, which seems a bit strange.

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Despite numerous Oscar nominations and, of course, its box office success, there is a lot of pressure on its sequel to replicate the success of the first film. The director explains in this regard:

The first film was more to make sure we were in the world and that the film would be accepted. Now we have to make sure we can finish the first book, so there are some preliminaries in the first film that we should ignore. So yes, I think the pressure of the second film is more in some ways.

Timothy Shalami, Zandia, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolinder, Stalan Scashgord, David Batista and Javier Bardem are among the actors in the second part. Florence Pew and Austin Butler are also in talks to star in the second part of the film, starring Prince Irlan of the Corino family and Fid-Ravita Harkonen respectively.

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