How Many Copies Has Elden Ring Till Now?

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Miyazaki thanked the fans in a press release for the success of Elden Ring. How Many Copies Has Elden Ring Till Now?

How Many Copies Has Elden Ring Till Now?

Announcing the sale of 12 million copies of Elden Ring, Fram Software added, “We hope to see more of the IP, including its characters, in hopes of expanding it beyond the realm of games.”

The Elden Ring has sold more than one million copies in Japan and more than 12 million copies worldwide since its release. The figures were revealed in a new press release from game developer From Software, in which President / CEO / Director Hidtaka Miyazaki said:

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It’s amazing how many people are playing Elden Ring. On behalf of the entire game development and development team, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yasu Miyakawa, President and CEO of Bandai Namco, the world’s leading game publishing company, added:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans who brought Elden Ring into their lives. I’m very proud to be with Fram Software Studios under the direction of director Miyazaki as well as George R. R. Martin, I was involved in bringing such a wonderful game to life.

A lot of effort was put into making the Elden Ring so that we could exceed the expectations of our fans around the world. In the same way, we will continue our efforts to expand the brand beyond the game itself and in everyone’s daily life. We will continue to create fun and satisfaction through entertainment so that we can get closer and connect with our fans around the world.

The press release also told players to look forward to more from Elden Ring as an IP, which means its characters and other intellectual property, in the hope that they “expand beyond the realm of games.”

The open world action role-playing game has set many records since its release. The game’s physical sales in the UK made it the third largest retail launch in 2022 and the largest new IP in Europe since The Division was launched in 2016. NPD and Famitsu also topped the US and Japan charts in February, respectively .

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