How Many Daily Users Steam Got 2021?

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Even better progress than 2020 for Steam? Well how much do you think people visited Steam? How Many Daily Users Steam Got 2021?

How Many Daily Users Steam Got 2021?

Although it has published a 2021 Steam report that includes interesting statistics and figures from the most popular digital gaming platform.

Although Steam experienced unprecedented growth in 2020, its performance was just as impressive last year. According to the statistics provided , 69 million active players have used it daily, 132 million monthly users have been present on this platform, and during the last year, the number of simultaneous players has reached 27.4 million, which is a new record.

Players have spent less than 38 billion hours on Steam in 2021, up 21 percent from 2021. Even in the continuation of his post, he shared a chart that shows that 33 exabytes of content have been made available to Steam users. Although he explains about it:

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Numerical numbers are hard to grasp, but if 330 million people in the United States download a 100GB game, 33 exabytes is the amount of data you use.

The growth of Steam can be seen in almost all aspects, and the cost paid by players has increased by 27%, and even though it explains that 2.6 million players bought their game for the first time in 2021.

Steam advances are not limited to a few, and in general it can be said that the digital distribution platform is even bigger than ever. One of its most striking statistics is the 69 million daily active users, which is even more than the UK population alone.

Source: pcgamer

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