What Did Kojima Said About New The Batman Trailer?

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Kojima pays special attention to Robert Pattinson as Batman. What Did Kojima Said About New The Batman Trailer?

What Did Kojima Said About New The Batman Trailer?

The release of the new trailer of The Batman movie at the DC FanDome event was met with mixed reactions from moviegoers and fans. Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima, best known for making popular games such as Metal Gear and Death Stranding, has some interesting comments about the latest Batman movie trailer, and recently praised the trailer on his Twitter page, as well as Robert Pattinson as Batman. Is.

In the trailer that aired, we first saw Riddler (played by Paul Dino) being arrested, but this evil character seems to be one of the main foundations of the film’s story. We also see other characters, including Kat Woman / Selena Kyle (Zoe Kravitz), who has taken on a new look. Then it’s the turn of the penguin (Colin Farrell), who is supposed to fight Batman in a part of the movie.

Kojima’s interest in cinema is undeniable, and the prominent Japanese actor has always shown it by sharing his views on social media. In this case, after the release of the new Batman trailer, Kojima praised the visual sense and color harmony in it, which immersed Batman in the contrasts of red and black.

In fact, Matthew Reeves’ new work is faithful to the roots of the Dark Knight, but he portrays it in a way that is known as a unique image. Kojima praises and values ​​the “subtle lines and shadows throughout the trailer that provide a more artistic and cinematic tone.”

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He also had a special look at the cast, especially Robert Pattinson as Batman, and said:

The cast feels great, as does Robert Pattinson, who looks more like a joker!

It is unclear exactly what Kojima meant by this interpretation, whether Robert Pattinson was a better choice for the role or whether Bruce Wayne’s nihilistic aesthetic has similar characteristics to the Joker. Referring to the unique symbol of the Batman bat, costume and Batmobile, Kojima seems to be pleased with the tone and aesthetics of the film. Although his comments have nothing to do with the game, it is still exciting to hear his comments on other movie media and movies like Batman Reeves.

It should be noted that The Batman movie will be released on March 4, 2014. It is quite interesting seeing a well known game developer commenting on such a cinematic gem movie.

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