Why Record Holder Varzon Defends Himself Against Fraud Charges

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Warzon is currently one of the most popular games, which is most affected by the toxic community and the large number of cheats. Charlie Saouma, a former Call of Duty professional, currently holds the record for the most Kiel in Varzon solo squads. He is now accused of using fragile party software for fraud.

Charlie Sauma completely denies the allegations of using hardware or hacking for fraud and had a strange stream to prove himself. He used five cameras to fully show his actions to everyone during the stream. One camera to show the controller, one for its monitors, one for the PC, one for the whole desk and a low standard fee. He said at the beginning of his stream:

I want to see someone call me a cheater now. They no longer look completely stupid. If you call me a deceiver, you are delusional. simply.

YouTube user BadBoyBeaman was the first to challenge Charlie Sauma. BadBoyBeaman, which monitors streaming videos for fraud, released a video about Charlie Sauma last week. He accused Saoma of installing Cronus Pro on his PC. Cronus Pro comes with CronusZen, a $ 160 control box that connects to a computer and allows users to run certain scripts and modes on their controller. For example, this hardware can be used to neutralize weapon recoil or better aim. These allegations sounded very suspicious because Saoma uses a controller to play games.

Saoma noted that his CronusZen control box dates back to when he was a professional in Call of Duty: WW2 LAN in 2018. Apparently, Cronus devices were officially used in these competitions to prevent Bluetooth interference between controllers. The software in this control box is installed on his old PC, which he does not use to play games.

These margins continue and can not be said with certainty. However, it is clear that Charlie does not use common nicknames such as wall hack or imbat. Of course, the situation of Varzon game is so bad and the number of cheaters is very high, and this has caused everyone paranoia. Fraud of several streamers has been exposed in the last few months and they can not be trusted so easily.

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